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( Jul. 14th, 2025 04:46 pm)
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Tell me how I know you,

Why you want to be my friend.

I'm pretty sure I'll friend you back.


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( Jul. 13th, 2025 04:46 pm)
I created this journal for my Alternate Universe stories, I'm writing and going to write. These will be really Alternate Universes, I took the characters out of the fandoms and put them into my stories. So if you're looking for fanfiction where Horatio is boss of the CSI lab, sorry wrong journal. But if you're looking for Horatio being a dragon then you're very welcome. There will be mythical creatures in my stories, but also cyborgs. The first one I'm going to post here is 'A New World' some of you know this story and yes I will start to write on it again, I promise.

So I hope you will find here something to your liking.


I wanted to create a character list for my Alternate Universe 'Mystic Love' so that you know what Mythical Creature my characters are. Remember a Centaur can change his appearance completely.

Dragons, Centaurs and other creatures. )